Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bilingual Color Brochures For The New Brunswick March For Life

From Peter Ryan:
Dear Friends,

Here is a copy of our new brochure for the 2009 March for Life! It's bilingual and in full color (note: you have to print both files to get the full text in either French or English). We got a great deal on these, so will 5,000 at the first of the week for mass distribution!

The theme (Exodus) is the same as the National March, focused on the 40th anniversary of abortion in Canada.

We are pleased this year to have not only the Knights of Columbus but also the Catholic Women's League as a co-sponsor of our event.

When the brochure is sent out, it will also contain accompanying information on the line-up of speakers.

Please use this brochure to spread the word, so this will be the biggest and best March ever! Things are shaping up, with plans for at least 4 busloads coming from out of town (Saint John, Bathurst, Moncton).

Yours for life and love,

Peter Ryan
NB Right to Life
Tel. 1-888-796-9600

Re. Brochure Distribution: We plan to mail the brochure to each chapter, each K of C council, each CWL council, and a select number of other supporters likely to respond. If your group is doing a mailing to its members and would like to include a brochure, please let us know. Or if you will be attending a social gathering (e.g. conference) where those present might be receptive, we can provide brochures for distribution.
The brochures are now available for download at our website. Those are three-fold brochures so both sides must be printed to get full text in English language (Here's mostly English part and mostly French part.)

And, by the way, if you take a closer look at the brochure, you may find the graphics that was compiled by yours truly. Even the wording remained almost the same since it had been first published in October of 2007. Well, I'm glad I could contribute something to the brochure (even if it wasn't a direct contribution). Hopefully, it touches a few more hearts, bringing more people to the March for Life.