Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alex Schadenberg Speaking In Halifax Nov.27 & 28.

Come And Learn about the Dangers of Euthanasia being proposed in our country!

Alex Schadenberg is the executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - Canada, the Chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - He is on the forefront of the move to prevent the legalization of euthanasia in our country.

Alex will be speaking in Halifax on Nov 27 to the doctors and medical professionals on the topic of caring versus killing and on Nov 28 to the general public on the topics of euthanasia, assisted suicide and the new eugenics.

Because of Bill – C384 is currently before the Canadian Parliament these are extremely timely talks that everyone should hear.

It is particularly important that Alex will be speaking with just the health care professionals in one session.

We should ALL be informed on this topic and Alex's visit with us will give us an opportunity to do that.

The Friday evening talk on Nov 27 is at 7 pm, this is for medical personnel only.

The Sat talk is Nov 28 at 2 pm. This is for the general public.

Both talks will be at St. Thomas Aquinas Church Hall next to St. Thomas Aquinas Church 1725 Oxford St., Halifax, NS
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

40 Days For Life: Day 28 - More Lives Saved

At least one more baby has been saved. Possibly - two more women have reconsidered:
Day 28: God moves!

Tuesday, October 20. Tuesday is abortion day at the “clinic.” Last night, as I prayed, I found myself wondering if the Lord might move today upon this temple of death (see our report for Day 27). Today, He did! We were able to witness some of the fruits of our spiritual campaign, thanks be to Him.

There was a good turnout for our vigil today, as many as 13 of us in the morning. Among them a contingent of 6 from Moncton including two women I highly esteem as veteran “prayer warriors,” Sr. Cécile and Diane.

A woman approached along the street this morning, getting ready to go in for her scheduled abortion. She later told us that, seeing our signs, she just could not go through with it. She came in our pro-life house and asked to speak to someone. She had a long session with Martha. She has decided to have the baby and is exploring adoption! She cancelled her abortion appointment. Thanks be to the God of life! Please do support her in prayer, if you would. It’s a very difficult situation including medical issues for the mother.

She wasn’t the only one who changed her mind! Two other women entered the “clinic”, apparently for abortions. But they left without having them!

I watched as two young women entered around 7:30 a.m. The abortionist arrived shortly after 8 a.m. Soon after that the two young women emerged and left! They would not have had time for an abortion. The procedure takes 15 minutes or so, and then the woman spends time in the recovery area. So it usually takes about an hour and a half for the whole process. They just weren’t there anywhere near that long. Moreover, a woman who’s had an abortion usually moves slowly as she walks. These two were walking at normal speed, another sign no procedure had taken place. It appears to me a mind was changed and a baby’s life spared!

I saw this young couple enter the “clinic” a little while after the above pair. They were in there a good while, as if for an abortion, but they too came out earlier than expected and moved along at a good pace walking back up the street. I am quite certain they did not have an abortion! Colleen - another prayer warrior - was beside me, the two of us rejoiced.

It appears as though the lives of three children were spared! We have never seen anything like this before, in all our years of observing days of death. Amazing! Our God is an awesome God.

There were yet other signs that something spiritually was getting through the normal shield of death that envelops pregnant mothers. Leo noticed a young woman waiting a long time in a car before finally approaching the abortuary. Her face showed real emotion and reluctance, something you don’t usually see with abortion-bound women. Unfortunately, she did enter and apparently underwent the procedure. Pray for her, and the 8 others we noticed going in for abortions (besides the two mentioned above).

As I was fixing something by the House, I noticed one woman going up the street, another woman putting her arm around her shoulder. Thaddée said this woman was in fact crying as she left the abortuary. You don’t always see this, it was evident to me that on this special day something out of the ordinary- grace! - was bringing the tragic reality of abortion to light to a number of the mothers.

These events should encourage us. Our prayers are being answered. Through signs God is revealing that the spiritual battle is indeed real, He is truly at work in our midst, and He very much wants us to persevere in this kind of campaign.

In His love and truth,
Peter Ryan
(New Brunswick Right To Life e-mail communique: Day 28)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

40 Days For Life — Real Love Does Not Take A Child’s Life

E-mail communique from the New Brunswick Right to Life:
Day 17: Real Love Does Not Take a Child’s Life

Friday, October 9. Encouraging to see people once again coming from afar. Lorraine and six other members of a Saint John prayer group took two shifts of several hours each. Jackie, head of the provincial CWL, and her husband from Perth-Andover. Walter and Jeanine from Quispamsis. Gordie and Daniel from Saint John. Three young people from Saint John; especially encouraging for us seeing the young people.

One of the women spoke about how several of her friends use to have the abortionist at Morgentaler’s as a family doctor when she practised in Saint John. They remarked how “caring” she was. I’ve heard the same of two other former abortionists who were ob-gyns: people said they were “caring.” It’s amazing how otherwise caring people can have such huge blind spots. Abortionists think they’re doing the pregnant women a service. They just don’t seem to really see the innocent child whose life they take, nor the lifelong suffering they leave mothers with.

Real love does not take a child’s life. Sooner or later many abortionists seem to come to realize this. Spiritual blindness can be healed. We pray this to come to pass for our “Dr. R.” Lord, have mercy on her.

Peter Ryan
And then we have those "doctors" who perform abortions at the Dumont hospital in Moncton and at the Chaleur hospital in Bathurst. They too are likely to be someone's family doctors; and their patients too may find them nice and caring - if they were lucky to be born, of course. Those in the womb - for them it's a different story. They may end up feeling the full extent of such "care". But those babies are voiceless.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

40 Days For Life — A Baby Saved! Maybe Two

E-mail communique from the New Brunswick Right to Life:
Day 7: Baby saved! Maybe two!

With all the prayer the past six days of our vigil, I was wondering if we might see some fruit of that on Day 7: abortion day at Morgentaler’s. We did!

There were about a dozen of us present as our vigil began at 7 a.m. The rain began just then and would come down steady for the rest of the morning.

There were 7 or 8 “escorts” outside the abortion site. It wasn’t long before women began arriving for abortions. Over the next three hours we noticed at least 12 going in (they normally stop going in about 10 a.m.)

But two of the 12 soon came back out! In at least one case a change of heart was apparent. This one couple walked down the street and went in the front door between 8 and 9. I took note of them because he was a large young man. Of course we were praying hard for each and every one we saw going in.

They couldn’t have been in there more than 20-25 minutes. To my pleasant surprise out they come the front door and walk away up the street! They weren’t in there long enough for an abortion, for sure. It’s unusual to see someone come out again so soon and leave. Usually that would signify a changed mind. Did this one? Maybe! They didn’t look our way or speak to anyone so it wasn’t clear. God alone knows, we entrust them to Him.

The other one was more clear. Between 9 and 10, as most of us stood in the rain across the street from abortion site, Marti, who has much experience counseling pregnant mothers at the Women’s Center next door, stood a short distance from the “clinic.” I prayed that she would somehow get a chance to speak to a woman going for an abortion. I left the prayer site about 9:45 and went in our pro-life centre.

Not long after 10 I met a beaming Marti in the kitchen. “A baby was saved!” she said. She recounted how this mother and daughter (the baby’s grandmother and mother) passed by her going toward the abortion site. Marti was able to speak a few kind words about how they didn’t need to go in there, help was available next door etc. Marti said she felt an “unctioning of the Holy Spirit” as she spoke. The two women, however, continued on and entered the “clinic,” with escorts gathered around.

But 5 minutes later they re-emerged! The escorts seemed a little flustered to see them leaving. They passed by Marti’s way again. The older woman looked at Marti intently and said, “Thank you.” It was obvious something had happened! The Holy Spirit had gotten through! They proceeded into the nearby parking garage. When their car came out and passed by, the young woman looked Marti’s say and smiled. The power of prayer and love made manifest.

A child saved, maybe two! Who can even begin to measure the value of this?
Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness. And thanks to all who prayed.

It was a most blessed day at our vigil site in more ways than one. There was the group of regular Tuesday pro-lifers (3) who came up from Saint John; five from the same church who were so numerous at our Day 6 vigil; a group of 6 from the Moncton area; a group of 7 from the Rogersville area including a priest; another priest; the past head of the NB Knights of Columbus and his wife; a family of 7 and their friend; various other individuals and couples.

Then there was the man from a nearby café who brought two free carafes of coffee in the rain; the same man spoke to my wife the day before and said “I was adopted.” A “pro-choice” young woman from St. Thomas U. spoke peacefully for 45 minutes with two of our people; perhaps something good rubbed off! Several other passersby stopped to chat. One seemed to be the father of aborted babies, struggling with pain, an effort was made to minister to him; he departed in good humor.

Peter Ryan
That's excellent news. It's always great to hear about a life that has been saved and, results like that are sure motivating. Let's keep up with the good work. And let's not forget: Life Chain is this Sunday. Let's be there; let's come together in a peaceful and prayerful public witness for the unborn.