Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Brunswick March for Life 2010

Please join our Tenth Annual March for Life at the New Brunswick Legislature on May 13.

This event is held in conjunction with the National March for Life taking place on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and at legislatures across Canada. This year the theme is Abortion: Crime Against Humanity.

The killing of an innocent child is a crime against both God and humanity. Are not the people of God called to defend the innocent? That is what we do at our March. Over 1,000 innocent children are put to death in our own province each year, a large and apparently growing number with our own tax dollars, in our public hospitals. Is that not reason enough for us to clear our schedules and set aside this one day for life? If you have children, or grandchildren, why not give them a day off from school and bring them: their witness is invaluable!

In Fredericton last year over 400 were present, and 18 Members of the Legislature. The politicians look to the people for guidance. But they also count heads. Let’s give them lots of both! Please think of our event as a witness rather than a protest. We are witnessing to God’s undying love for every child and mother.