Friday, August 28, 2009

Red Envelope Campaign Resumes In New Brunswick

The campaign is to raise awareness not just of the abortions that take place in Morgentaler's facility in Fredericton, but also - of hundreds of abortions that are performed in New Brunswick hospitals each year, because the province's definition of "medically necessary" could easily be stretched to include abortions on demand. Attached to the latest NBRL newsletter was an empty red envelope, addressed to the New Brunswick Health Minister, Mary Schryer. Each of those red envelopes symbolizes a baby who died in abortion.
As you can tell from our Newsletter, pages 1-2, what is taking place in two of our New Brunswick hospitals is deeply disturbing. It's bad enough when Henry Morgentaler tries to force New Brunswickers to pay for dead-babies-on-demand at his private clinic (see Newsletter, p.10). Thanks goodness the government has been fighting then. But how can the same government pay for the very same thing in our hospitals! Shame on them!

I am very frustrated that up to now there has been no political leadership on this terrible problem. We have aborted 25,000 New Brunswick children since 1969 - and two-thirds were in our hospitals! Why have we collectively still not woken up& Why are we so reluctant to welcome and protect every child in our hospitals? How can we turn a blind eye to the death of hundreds of innocent children every year?

As pro-lifers we absolutely must hold our elected representatives to account. That's why we have initiated the Red Envelope Campaign.

Please use the enclosed red envelope. Send it (empty) to our new Minister of Health, Mary Schryer (who, incidentally, attended our last March for Life). Let's hope and pray it touches her heart.
If you haven't received an envelope, but still wish to participate, you can easily make one yourself. Seal it (empty) and write the following text on the back:
This envelope represents one New Brunswick child who died from an abortion. It is empty because that little boy or girl was never able to offer anything to the world. Please save our children!
Address the envelope to:

The Hon. Mary Schryer
Minister of Health
POBox 5100 Fredericton NB E3B 5G8

Make sure you put your name and address and don't forget to put a postage stamp. (You can only mail to the federal MPs postage-free.)

Apart from the Red Envelope campaign, New Brunswick is about to stage its first 40 Days For Life vigil from September 23rd to November 1st. And let's not forget the Life Chain that will take place on Sunday, October 4th in hundreds of locations all across North America, including at least four New Brunswick cities.