Thursday, October 1, 2009

40 Days For Life — A Baby Saved! Maybe Two

E-mail communique from the New Brunswick Right to Life:
Day 7: Baby saved! Maybe two!

With all the prayer the past six days of our vigil, I was wondering if we might see some fruit of that on Day 7: abortion day at Morgentaler’s. We did!

There were about a dozen of us present as our vigil began at 7 a.m. The rain began just then and would come down steady for the rest of the morning.

There were 7 or 8 “escorts” outside the abortion site. It wasn’t long before women began arriving for abortions. Over the next three hours we noticed at least 12 going in (they normally stop going in about 10 a.m.)

But two of the 12 soon came back out! In at least one case a change of heart was apparent. This one couple walked down the street and went in the front door between 8 and 9. I took note of them because he was a large young man. Of course we were praying hard for each and every one we saw going in.

They couldn’t have been in there more than 20-25 minutes. To my pleasant surprise out they come the front door and walk away up the street! They weren’t in there long enough for an abortion, for sure. It’s unusual to see someone come out again so soon and leave. Usually that would signify a changed mind. Did this one? Maybe! They didn’t look our way or speak to anyone so it wasn’t clear. God alone knows, we entrust them to Him.

The other one was more clear. Between 9 and 10, as most of us stood in the rain across the street from abortion site, Marti, who has much experience counseling pregnant mothers at the Women’s Center next door, stood a short distance from the “clinic.” I prayed that she would somehow get a chance to speak to a woman going for an abortion. I left the prayer site about 9:45 and went in our pro-life centre.

Not long after 10 I met a beaming Marti in the kitchen. “A baby was saved!” she said. She recounted how this mother and daughter (the baby’s grandmother and mother) passed by her going toward the abortion site. Marti was able to speak a few kind words about how they didn’t need to go in there, help was available next door etc. Marti said she felt an “unctioning of the Holy Spirit” as she spoke. The two women, however, continued on and entered the “clinic,” with escorts gathered around.

But 5 minutes later they re-emerged! The escorts seemed a little flustered to see them leaving. They passed by Marti’s way again. The older woman looked at Marti intently and said, “Thank you.” It was obvious something had happened! The Holy Spirit had gotten through! They proceeded into the nearby parking garage. When their car came out and passed by, the young woman looked Marti’s say and smiled. The power of prayer and love made manifest.

A child saved, maybe two! Who can even begin to measure the value of this?
Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness. And thanks to all who prayed.

It was a most blessed day at our vigil site in more ways than one. There was the group of regular Tuesday pro-lifers (3) who came up from Saint John; five from the same church who were so numerous at our Day 6 vigil; a group of 6 from the Moncton area; a group of 7 from the Rogersville area including a priest; another priest; the past head of the NB Knights of Columbus and his wife; a family of 7 and their friend; various other individuals and couples.

Then there was the man from a nearby café who brought two free carafes of coffee in the rain; the same man spoke to my wife the day before and said “I was adopted.” A “pro-choice” young woman from St. Thomas U. spoke peacefully for 45 minutes with two of our people; perhaps something good rubbed off! Several other passersby stopped to chat. One seemed to be the father of aborted babies, struggling with pain, an effort was made to minister to him; he departed in good humor.

Peter Ryan
That's excellent news. It's always great to hear about a life that has been saved and, results like that are sure motivating. Let's keep up with the good work. And let's not forget: Life Chain is this Sunday. Let's be there; let's come together in a peaceful and prayerful public witness for the unborn.

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