Thursday, October 22, 2009

40 Days For Life: Day 28 - More Lives Saved

At least one more baby has been saved. Possibly - two more women have reconsidered:
Day 28: God moves!

Tuesday, October 20. Tuesday is abortion day at the “clinic.” Last night, as I prayed, I found myself wondering if the Lord might move today upon this temple of death (see our report for Day 27). Today, He did! We were able to witness some of the fruits of our spiritual campaign, thanks be to Him.

There was a good turnout for our vigil today, as many as 13 of us in the morning. Among them a contingent of 6 from Moncton including two women I highly esteem as veteran “prayer warriors,” Sr. Cécile and Diane.

A woman approached along the street this morning, getting ready to go in for her scheduled abortion. She later told us that, seeing our signs, she just could not go through with it. She came in our pro-life house and asked to speak to someone. She had a long session with Martha. She has decided to have the baby and is exploring adoption! She cancelled her abortion appointment. Thanks be to the God of life! Please do support her in prayer, if you would. It’s a very difficult situation including medical issues for the mother.

She wasn’t the only one who changed her mind! Two other women entered the “clinic”, apparently for abortions. But they left without having them!

I watched as two young women entered around 7:30 a.m. The abortionist arrived shortly after 8 a.m. Soon after that the two young women emerged and left! They would not have had time for an abortion. The procedure takes 15 minutes or so, and then the woman spends time in the recovery area. So it usually takes about an hour and a half for the whole process. They just weren’t there anywhere near that long. Moreover, a woman who’s had an abortion usually moves slowly as she walks. These two were walking at normal speed, another sign no procedure had taken place. It appears to me a mind was changed and a baby’s life spared!

I saw this young couple enter the “clinic” a little while after the above pair. They were in there a good while, as if for an abortion, but they too came out earlier than expected and moved along at a good pace walking back up the street. I am quite certain they did not have an abortion! Colleen - another prayer warrior - was beside me, the two of us rejoiced.

It appears as though the lives of three children were spared! We have never seen anything like this before, in all our years of observing days of death. Amazing! Our God is an awesome God.

There were yet other signs that something spiritually was getting through the normal shield of death that envelops pregnant mothers. Leo noticed a young woman waiting a long time in a car before finally approaching the abortuary. Her face showed real emotion and reluctance, something you don’t usually see with abortion-bound women. Unfortunately, she did enter and apparently underwent the procedure. Pray for her, and the 8 others we noticed going in for abortions (besides the two mentioned above).

As I was fixing something by the House, I noticed one woman going up the street, another woman putting her arm around her shoulder. Thaddée said this woman was in fact crying as she left the abortuary. You don’t always see this, it was evident to me that on this special day something out of the ordinary- grace! - was bringing the tragic reality of abortion to light to a number of the mothers.

These events should encourage us. Our prayers are being answered. Through signs God is revealing that the spiritual battle is indeed real, He is truly at work in our midst, and He very much wants us to persevere in this kind of campaign.

In His love and truth,
Peter Ryan
(New Brunswick Right To Life e-mail communique: Day 28)

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