Sunday, October 6, 2013

Moncton Life Chain 2013

It may seem like the focus is shifting to the 40 Days for Life, but the Life Chain is still there.
About 50 people came to the Life Chain. There were about 10 pro-abort protesters on the other side of the street and there was also an unexpected guest - a CBC camera man. Obviously it would be naive to expect an impartial reporting from their team, but the fact that the media started noticing the Life Chain, that alone is inspiring.
There was a devoted couple, Jeff and Nancy, handing out the DVDs of the 180 movie to passers-by, to cyclists and even to the drivers. There were many takers; I was delighted to see a young man carefully packing the DVD in his handbag. (I'm certain he was going to watch it.) Cars were driving by - plenty of them. And then we saw this vehicle, quite conveniently stopping in the traffic right in front of me, so I could take a good picture.
No, they are not on our team. As I understand, these are private ultrasound providers. And yet for them, who deal with it professionally, there's no doubt that the baby in the womb is alive, that this is a baby, not mere fetus. And that the pro-aborts with their signs that say "pro-woman, pro-child, pro-choice" are lying - first and foremost to themselves. Because murdering a child (whether inside the womb or outside) is never a "choice".

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