Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Site, New Blog

Moncton Right To Life now has a new website: Please update your bookmarks. In the upcoming weeks I'll keep working on the website, reorganizing the content, removing "dead" links and trying to incorporate at least the headers from our blog directly onto our website.

Yes, Moncton Right To Life now has a blog - This is a great tool to get our announcements, observations, media releases and even letters to the editors published online, with a simple click of the mouse. Even as a standalone website, it's a great help in getting the word out.

So, it's all up to us now. We have a new hosting, one that doesn't try to stick its banners on our site, we have all the tools we need to get the word out, I even got a new digital camera several weeks ago, so we could get some decent pictures of our events for a change... Now, all that's left is to get things done :)

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