Wednesday, September 22, 2010

40 Days for Life - Day 1

Yes, we got the 40 Days going and, what's most important, we got it going well. Overall, more than 30 people participated in the first day of our 40 Days for Life vigil. Those who had a hard time registering, simply showed up. We had more volunteers committing to certain hours every week and some even went as far as committing daily, for the rest of the 40 days. So hopefully, we can expect people to show up not just on the first day, but for the remaining 39 days as well.

As for the reaction of those who passed and drove by - it was mostly favorable. We got a lot more honks than gestures and angry remarks.

Finally - check out this article by Michael Coren. Yes, it's bad enough that the hospital where we pray performs some 240 abortions on demand a year, there are those who want the same treatment to be extended to the old, disabled and weak. Let's remember that as we pray for life. And please - spare an hour or two to come to our vigil and pray - that not only the George Dumont hospital, but also every other hospital across Canada once again starts honoring the right to life - from conception to natural death.

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