Thursday, September 30, 2010

40 Day Notes: The Privilege Of Working In Lord's Vineyard

Since our vigil is at the general hospital, we can't say if there were any babies saved; we walk by faith, not by site. And strong faith too, brings results.

Here are a few notes from the 40 Days for Life vigil:
Day 3. Friday, September 24th.

Sr Cecile and Denis Laplante faithfully at the prayer site by 7am. It was raining lightly, but steadily this morning. It's a little more challenging, as the paperwork has to be protected and the noise factor with the traffic on wet pavement demands more concentration.

By 10am we have seven prayer warriors, all under umbrellas. A lady going for the bus, Charlene, comes over to us and shares her experience of 25yrs ago: choosing to give birth to a healthy boy and have him adopted. A beautiful story.

At 11am, 3 people from Fredericton join the ranks: Thaddee, Estelle and Regina. Wonderful reinforcement. This day was a good test for our endurance as the rain persisted till 7pm. Prayer spots were filled nonetheless and rosaries and quiet prayerss went heavenwards, for many causes but always keeping the baby in the womb at the top of the list.

A few people come over to offer coffee. It's a sacrifice to have to decline and think fasting. Thank you Lord for the privilege of working in your vineyard.

Day 4. Saturday, September 25th.

Day starts with steady medium rainfall. We are still damp from yesterday. But the time slots fill and prayers are continuous, no one complains. Sr Marguerite and the Dionne's take their daily post valiantly.

By 10 am, sky clears up and street dries up a bit, but it's for the rest of the day. God is good. Many thumbs up and nods; mostly positive reaction. A few passers-by stop to discuss "What about rape"? Many taking a real good look and walking away pensive. May they be inspired to turn their hearts toward life giving, instead of taking life.
(Sent by Rosalie)
Way to go Moncton. Vigil keepers in many other cities have to endure harassment and intimidation from the pro-abortion activists of all stripes (from the facility owners to extreme leftists and anarchists). Even in Halifax, (just 300km away, but that's an NDP heartland of Atlantic Canada,) there was a couple of incidents when the police had to be called. Here, the response is much better and even those opposed to fetal rights are far more civilized.

And here are a few pictures from the first day of the 40 Days for Life vigil in Moncton.

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