Wednesday, October 6, 2010

40 Day Notes - Part 2: You Are Worth More Than Many Sparrows

Greenpeace is there to defend baby sparrows - we're here to defend baby humans. Here are few more 40 Day vigil notes from Rosalie:
Sunday, September 26th - Day 5
Even the very hairs of your head are numbered. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.
(Matt: 10 30-31)
Doris has her prayer warriors at their post; even the little puppy {she is babysitting for the weekend} a bit of wind but the sunshine is very welcome. Praying is continuous, but distractions galore as the football game taking place at the new university stadium creates much car and pedestrian traffic. A gentleman drives his big motorbike very close by to say "I want to commend you people for what you are doing". The respect felt from most walkers in front and behind us -- came via their silence as they passed and then resumed chatter at a distance. One energetic young man skipped sideways close in front of 8 of us praying as he called out "choice choice choice".

6pm and Shane and Rebecca and their 2 girls, on their return trip to Fredericton from Halifax, join us for an hour of prayer. During that time, a bit of commotion when a young fellow comes behind us quite angry and loud. "You people and your signs made me miss my bus." He figured the bus driver mistook him for one of us and therefore did not stop. When he was offered a ride home by Shane he walked away still angry. That was the last bus of the day and so, a good 45 minute walk. Another one on foot; starts talking behind us and when we turn says "you must have conviction" and then he blesses himself and keeps walking.

Monday, September 27th - Day 6
Communion with Christ gives us our strength, our joy, and our love
(Mother Theresa)
4 Degrees this morning in Moncton and we find 7 souls, warmly dressed and reverently praying at 7am. Mid-morning Melissa, pushing a rather large baby carriage says "I can leave these 2 with you for the day, if you want" - the most beautiful 8 month old girls, and the mother shares how they are a joy to care for.

By noon we are praying under a warm sun and even though our chart has no names for a few hours, lo and behold angels appear from nowhere just when we need them it seems. A car drives by slowly. You never know what to expect but just then the window comes down and the driver says "god bless you for what you are doing". The parking meter man is very kind and warns us ahead of time re his next round!!!!

Tuesday, September 28th - Day 7
My power is made perfect in weakness
(2 Corinthians 12:9)
18 degrees and fine spitting rain. Thank you lord. Wonderful to see the knights praying with us. By 10-11 am, Rogersville and Miramichi people arrive and a few stay till 5pm. Many approval honks today. Do hope these folks will also be praying for an end to the holocaust.

We are really appreciating and making use of the pro-life rosary intentions that Suzanne put together so beautifully for us.
We'll never know if there has been an appointment cancelled, if any of the Moncton babies has been been saved from abortion. Even if one of those involved gets a change of heart and quits, we're unlikely to find out. Again, we walk by faith, not by site. We're out there, joining thousands of people around the globe in prayer to end abortion.

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