Monday, October 4, 2010

Moncton Life Chain

About 50 people joined the Life Chain in Moncton yesterday. The 40 Days for Life vigil too went uninterrupted, with 7 people praying at the George Dumont Hospital during the Life Chain hours.

This time we also had a few protesters; a group of some 5 or 6 pro-aborts (apparently the same folks that countered the 40 Days on Saturday,) stood at the entrance to the Champlain Mall parking lot. Ironically, I found it quite encouraging to see them there, because with all the honks and thumbs up that we were getting, it almost felt like we were preaching to the choir.

But, of course, it wasn't the case; even those who agree with us, often don't know the whole truth. Some of those to stopped to talk to us at the 40 Days or at the Life Chain were surprised to find out that there's no legal restriction on abortions in Canada; somehow there's a common belief that abortions are only allowed until 13-17 weeks.

Some didn't even know that the George Dumnot Hospital (a Catholic hospital, by the way,) performs abortions; that it's been responsible for at least 1 in 4 slaughtered New Brunswick babies for over 4 years now. So we're getting the message out, whether the pro-aborts like it or not.


  1. to start we are not pro-abort, we are pro-choice. If a women is a victim of rape she should be able to choose whether she wants an abortion or not. Secondly, on Sat we were 7 and on sunday at the champlain mall we were 15. We were getting alot of thumbs up and honking horns of very happy people.

  2. To start - babies don't choose abortion. Even in case of rape or incest - kill the rapist if you must, but the baby is innocent. We are the true pro-choice here - we choose life and we encourage others to do so. If the mother doesn't like the baby - she can choose to give him up for adoption; that's a loving option. But abortion is beyond "choice". It's never an informed choice.
    It's an unchoice. It kills the baby and leaves the mother permanently scarred.

    And btw - I didn't see 15 of you at Champlain. All I saw is 5 or 6 pro-aborts with the same signs as on Saturday. Maybe there was another group that stood someplace else, but I didn't see it.

  3. Rape is often invoked as a reason for abortion. However, like Leonard said, the baby is innocent. I, too, believe that we should adress the dramatic problem of rape by finding a real good solution. Taking away the life of the baby is certainly not one. Abortion as a solution is an illusion. Instead, let's give of our time to support those women. Our society looks for easy ''solutions''. A bloody surgical procedure never mended a broken heart.

    The pro-life people I know are not cold-hearted, quite the contrary; the reason we are not in favor of abortion is not because we wanna take away a so-called ''women's right''. Could a so-bloody-motherly-treasure-destroying-and-child-killing-surgical-procedure be a women's right? I don't think so.