Friday, October 22, 2010

40 Day Notes - Part 4: Pray For The Unborn - Rain Or Shine

Here are some more vigil notes by Rosalie:
All who do evil, hate the light and do not come to the light, so that their deeds may not be exposed
(John 3; 20)
Tuesday, October 5th. Day 14
Many believers at all times today, praying alone or in groups. We get some negatives but mostly positives. It is sunny and even too warm when the sun is facing us. We close tonight eight of us. The traffic still quite heavy by 7 pm.

Wednesday, October 6th. Day 15.
Peter and Chuck from Fredericton pray with us for several hrs. Several new faces today. People are finding the courage to venture out and pray in public. A display of their convictions regarding the reality of the slaughter of the innocent. Eleven of us at closing time, certainly sending a strong message about the importance of this vigil.

Thursday. October 7th. Day16.
Have no fear. Thaddee, Glenda and Regina from Fredericton are here. A light morning rain pushed by a vigorous wind, is knocking our chairs over. Mid day a car pulls over to tell us how upset he is that we are doing this!

Friday. Oct 8th. Day 17.
Very very windy all day ,therefore fighting to keep our signs and items in place.

A steady continuation of prayerful folks come and go. At one point, a lady pulls her car in driveway by us and is very disturbed by our presence and not open to any other point of view. We pray for her.

Saturday October 9th. Day18.
Very nippy morning but Denis and Tony and Sister brave the elements for a couple of hrs. The Saturday traffic is diminished from the weekday. But nevertheless the hospital staff and visitors alone are reason enough for our presence on Sunday, reminding everyone of the taking of innocent lives that goes on in this very building in front of us - the hospital.

Monday. October 11th. Day 20.
This is a busy enough day traffic wise considering that it is Thanksgiving. Many come and go and rosaries are recited in chorus and individually. Quite a cold windy day till evening. Everyone feels that cold wind ,but just the same the praying seems more intense. A young lady walks confidently by, behind us and mutters, loud enough to be heard "I'm for abortion" We pray for her.

It may seem like things are calming down, but they aren't. The guys who made it their business to boo us come by every day (we can even recognize their cars now). The protesters that tried to counter our vigil in early October, took a long break, but came back in large number yesterday. (10-12 plus those that were driving around honking to their comrades on the sidewalk. With many vigil keepers choosing to stay past their time slot and many others coming, we succeeded in outnumbering them within an hour.) Only then did the CBC discover that there's something happening just a stones throw away from their building and only then did they send their crew to take a few pictures - mostly of the protesters.

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