Friday, October 15, 2010

40 Days for Life - A Few Pictures


  1. I personnaly have to say it's ok to pray for people who have to make that choice. I am kinda neutral on that subject.

    I am not for abortion or not. I do sincerely beleive that it does exist for a reason though. I think the problem is not abortion itself, it is the lack of education, and the poor wold we live in. Abuse, lack of love, poverty...

    The Pro-choice group have a good point of view that IT DOES save some people's life...Maybe not the baby but yes it does. There is other option yes but for some people no. I am a social worker and I do know a woman that had to do it cause it was the baby's life or her life. What do you guys have to say for this case?

    I do believe in God and pray for the people who have to take that sad choice... I am asking you to do the same... Pray for their situation... Please stop making those poor people feel guilty and worse for the choice they have no other option to take... It's already hard enough for them... I know what I am saying, i work with them...

    Thank you!

  2. How exactly does abortion save people's lives? Not sure if you know, but none of the abortion techniques are used when mother's life is in danger, when there is a genuine attempt to ensure that both lives are preserved. Abortion (as it's been performed in "clinics" and hospitals) may "save" someone's wealth, career or anything else, by destroying the baby in the womb, but it has nothing to do with saving lives.

    You mentioned poverty and lack of love - those are lame excuses. Back in the days of the Great Depression, the World War II and even later, in the 1950s, the standards of living were much lower, yet people were able to get by without unrestricted taxpayer-funded abortion. And vast majority of the babies of these days, wanted or not, turned out to be just fine; after all - it was their generation that built the prosperous Canada we know today.

    As for the lack of love... If you're a social worker, you must also know how long does it take for a couple to adopt a baby. Some can't adopt even after years of waiting; they have to go overseas to adopt, spending thousands of dollars which they could have spent on the baby's clothes, toys and even - education. At the same time - about 1000 babies get aborted in New Brunswick alone every year. These babies, unwanted by their parents, could have found home in other families, making their adoptive parents happy. So there's no lack of love out there. But there is an ideology, according to which, a baby in the womb has no value. There's lack of thought and lack of education.

    Yes, you were right about that one. Not much was known about fetal development back in late 1960-s when abortion was "legalized", but even now, when we have the ultrasound and all other technology at our service, there are very few schools that agree to tell students the truth about what "fetus" really is. As result - even those who know that abortion stops a beating heart, have no idea that this heart starts beating 3 weeks after conception, not 3 months or later - as many tend to believe.

    Because of this lack of knowledge, many believe that it's ok to use abortion to cover up past mistakes or even - as a backup for a failed contraception. I heard about a man who wanted to drag his daughter to an abortion facility even though the girl, her boyfriend and her mother wanted to keep the baby. If that man had better understanding that he was about to brutally slaughter his own grandchild - he wouldn't be regarding abortion (especially - a coerced one,) as a better "option" than having an out-of-wedlock baby in the family. Much more education is needed so that people start realizing that abortion doesn't make a woman "unpregnant", it makes her a mother of a dead baby.

    And, by the way, there are few women among us that were deceived by the pro-abort message of what's being referred to as "choice". And yes, it is very hard for them. But that's why they are there to get their message out, they don't want any more young girls to go through what they went. So don't ask them to stop (and don't as us, for that matter).

    Instead, if you truly want to help those poor women, order some 'Watch Me Grow' brochures and each time you encounter a young girl who considers abortion or who thinks it's ok - give her that brochure, so that she knows what the baby in the womb looks like, and sees for herself whether destroying this is a "choice" or a tragic mistake.